Echo Chamber (Deluxe Edition) - Double 12" Vinyl

Echo Chamber (Deluxe Edition) - Double 12" Vinyl

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The 19-track Echo Chamber (Deluxe Edition) is available as a very limited edition run of Double 12” Vinyl.

Special features include a lyrics and chords sheet for every original track on the album, a crossword and maze that interacts with RJ’s Facebook Messenger platform, 12 hidden messages throughout the packaging that unlock bonus content in Messenger, and of course the very limited blue vinyl itself! Comes with a download code to allow you to download the record in high quality WAV format.


Echo Chamber
Blackout Windows
Think About You
The Girl & The Gunman
Skimming Stones
Go It Alone
Lie Close To Me
The Girl & The Gunman (Neros Mix)
Come Together
Go It Alone (Simpson Street Sessions)
Skimming Stones (Simpson Street Sessions)
The Times They Are A-Changin’
Think About You (Parallel Universe)
Speakeasy (Parallel Universe)
Blackout Windows (Simpson Street Sessions)
Echo Chamber (Live)
Think About You (ADS Remix)

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